Do you like privacy?

This may be a complicated subject, but if you wish you weren’t handing all of your computer’s info to every website you visit [which you are in most cases], then maybe you should reconsider the browser you use regularly.

I have been a Brave user for a couple of years now. It is a solid, chromium-based browser with a truck-load of security and privacy features baked in. Brave Software home

Sven Taylor released a great article reviewing browsers for privacy and security in November 2021 on

Secure Browser Security Privacy Extensions Platforms
1. The Onion Router (Tor) Excellent Excellent Some No iOS
2. Ungoogled Chromium Excellent Excellent Some No iOS or Android
3. Epic Privacy Browser Good Good Some All
4. Mozilla Firefox Good Good Many All
5. Brave Excellent Excellent Some All
6. Apple Safari Good Average Some Mac and iOS
7. Vivaldi Good Average Many No iOS
8. Opera Good Average Many No iOS
9. Google Chrome Good Below Average Many All
10. Microsoft Edge Average Average Some All

Chart gratuitously stolen from: Click to see full article.

And last but not least, one man’s review of all the major and many of the minor browsers currently available. WARNING: vulgar language, but great information. The blog post is called How to choose a browser for everyday use?