Apple Makes it Easy For Stalkers

Apple Tags

Once again Apple has released a product marketed to help you find and protect your stuff, but the “Bad Guys” can throw one in your car or purse and “Track” you. Thank you Apple!

That was a year ago, and now they are releasing an update to “protect you better” but does nothing to reduce your risk. It gets worse if you have an Android Phone.. Read More Here. If you like the article, consider getting a subscription to ASKWOODY Newsletter.

I guess the worst part of this whole TAG snag is that you don’t even have to use the product to become a victim. Malcontents can use them to target you. The GOOD NEWS; AirGuard, an Android app was developed by the Secure Mobile Networking Lab (SEEMOO) of the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, AirGuard runs in the background on Android devices. It automatically notifies you of trackers, including AirTags as well as stealth AirTag clones. See the AskWoody article for more detail on AirGuard.