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Our Approach

Our Story

The Crazy Dog Story

Picking business names late at night is usually a recipe for disaster, but on Labor Day weekend in 2005, things worked out pretty good for us. Tech people will tell you that night-time is the right time for some creative ideas to percolate up to the surface and that is just what happened: Our own crazy dog's started barking at each other while domain name ideas were bounced back and forth. The comment was made, "Why won't those crazy dogs be quiet?"

Our Approach

You can trust Crazy Dog to make you a priority in our work-day. Your problems become our problems and we won't stop until we have an acceptable solution planned out to fit your needs.

The dogs don't know anything about computers, but our techs sure do! Give us a whistle and we'll be right over to sniff out your problem.

Industry Recognized

Our Techs hold MICROSOFT and COMPTIA A+ certifications to prove that they know how to troubleshoot and repair your equipment.


Our Newest Member

Our New Crazy Dog "BLUE"

We brought Blue home in January of 2021 as a brand new puppy. And now he is already 1-1/2 years old. He has the energy of our last 3 dogs, but the hair of 5. He loves shoes and tissues. He is horrible with computers but his his training is coming along for such a young technician!