Computer Care

We live to fix whatever you have that is broken. We repair all brands and models of computers you might own.

Network Repair

Need a computer in a new room? Or extend the WiFi throughout the whole office? Maybe you just found your next store-front. We've got you covered!

Cross-Platform Support

Got a business that keeps you busy? Need someone to help co-ordinate phone, data, web, Wi-Fi, Security and E-mail? We can help!


Let Crazy Dog be your Advocate.

Keep us on a short leash, and we'll sniff out the best deals on reliable hardware and software. We have relationships with trusted vendors like CDW, MicroAge, Trinity Software Distribution, Watchguard, Microsoft, Vipre, Malwarebytes and Dell.

Clouds with Silver Linings

What is the best way to use the "Cloud?" Crazy Dog resells hosted solutions like Secure, Encrypted Online Data Backup and Centralized Anti-Virus and Malware Management.


Next Steps...

Bring us in to evaluate your needs and assist you in planning your brightest future.