Fujitsu Scanner Fix

My customer has 5 Fujitsu scanners, 3 of which are fi-6110d units. I use NAPS2 as my scanning software because it is so darn versatile. Over the weekend 2 of them started giving this error in windows 10 pro:
TWAIN driver
Anomaly in the command for communicating with the scanner.
Check the scan area setting. If the setting is correct, turn the scanner off, disconnect the interface cable and firmly reconnect it.If the scanner does not return to its normal functioning state, please contact the dealer where you purchased the scanner or an authorized FUJITSU scanner service provider and inform the code displayed below. (Code: DS00003)
Sense Key=0x5

I ran CCleaner and rebooted. I also reinstalled NAPS2 with no improvement. Then I remembered that Fujitsu updated some driver packages in the last 9 months. So I found a new driver for those great scanners at Fujitsu Support

Download and install new drivers