Rambling Tale

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As a computer repairman, I have a lot of electronic carcasses laying around my workroom, many of them are still around because they have some value, even if it is just for spare parts. My wife is always amazed at the “junk” I keep. In some ways, I am a handy-man for computers, and if you ask my friend John, handy-men never throw anything away, because they might need it some day. You would be surprised by how much stuff I never end up using, and by how many things I can fix because I just happen to have one of “those” laying around at home.

Why do I even mention any of this? Well we all have extra stuff laying around or packed in secretive spots for when it might be needed. It may be lawn or sports equipment, or supplies for our favorite hobby or just memorabilia like photos or mementos. But in the world of electronics, upgrades and new technologies make older parts obsolete in only 2 to 4 years time. The law of Diminishing Returns demands a reckoning on my storage bins on a semi-annual basis.

I need a laptop that will run Minecraft as a gift, so I was reconditioning one of the better laptops stacked in my workroom, when I noticed that many of them will only run Windows XP. Say what you will about the new Operating systems from Microsoft, but XP is a dinosaur, really, it is so unsafe to use! Over 50% of the malware I clean is cleaned from XP computers. Windows 7 is safer, better and more reliable. Now is the time to upgrade while Win7 can still be purchased. [Windows 8 is best saved for the new touch-screen devices.]

It is not OK to keep using old software and hardware if it accesses the internet at all. Would you drive a car with 3 wheels? Take it from a pack-rat; it is time to upgrade and Windows 7 is your ticket if you live in a Microsoft world.

If you live in a Mac world you should be on Lion, if not Mountain Lion [OS X 10.7 or 10.8]. Apple has already set all version of OS X version 10.4 [Tiger] and older adrift in the Ocean of no-upgrades. And remember; if you have any questions, I am here to help.

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