You can now CONTACTME!

No, that is not a typographic error. ContactMe has a great WordPress [or WP] Plugin called a ContactMe Button. You can see it on the RIGHT side of your screen, and allows people to send me a quick email; asking a question, making a comment or looking for help. You can also click on my LinkedIn or Facebook link from the contact form.

You can try them out if you use WordPress or Facebook or Twitter or…

New Mobile Look

Well, I found a plugin that lets mobile users [smart phones] see the website formatted for their small screens. Now all I have to do is get it to display something useful.

Take a look around as we improve the functionality of the web site.

Did I mention you can request an appointment online now? Very Cool!

Things are getting CrAzY

You can now submit your own appointment time for Crazy Dog support, whether that is for remote support or on-site service. The system is up but be patient while we work out the bugs.