Old Friends and Old Computers


My daughter was only 2 years old when this photo was taken in 2001. The dog was named Patch and he died in September of 2011. I love looking at this photo, and any of you with teen-agers might just know what I mean by that. This is the dog after which my Crazy Dog logo is modeled. That dog was almost 14 human years old when we had to let him go. In dog years, he was 75!

But why would I even bring it up if the photo is twelve years old, do you ask? Well, here is why: Windows XP was released less than a month after this photo was taken, and now it is also twelve years old! Software ages just like dogs; in just 2 years it is fully grown and having puppies of its own. That would make XP 70 in dog years. Windows XP still accounts for 38% of all computers and yet we have THREE newer Microsoft Operating Systems.

“But Rick, my XP computer is running just fine; why should I upgrade?” Well if it is true that your system is working flawlessly then no, you don’t need to upgrade…yet.

Come April of 2014 [this next year] Microsoft will eliminate support for XP, which means there will no longer be any more security updates. This is like making my 96 year old grandfather into a security guard at the bank and taking away his gun and pepper spray. Who wouldn’t rob that bank?  I am not going to mention Vista, but Windows 7 is light-years ahead of XP in security AND stability. I have removed malware from Windows 7 just by using System Restore. You can’t do that with XP.

I loved my dog, Patch, but at the end, he couldn’t protect me from a baby in a stroller; and in this same way, XP cannot protect you from current Internet threats like the Medfos Trojan. If you have any questions, I am here to help.

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