It is not a virus, trojan, worm or root-kit. It is actually a security program meant for good but bent to the will of some evil, greedy parasites. They have taken a useful encryption program and surrounded it with a bright red screen that holds your documents and photos hostage until you pay them hundreds of dollars!

Viri and Trojans are bad enough when they cause damage or disable you computer access, and then the FBI/Moneypak Trojan came along and threatened us with extortion; but now, CryptoLocker actually encrypts your files and demands money to return them to their previous state. It is TERRORISM!

This nifty little package comes via a .ZIP file attached to an email, usually from UPS, FEDEX or DHL shipping service.

I have now had to deal with this low-down, flea-bag piece of malware, and so I HIGHLY recommend another layer of defense.

  • Hardware Router/Firewall
  • Software Firewall
  • Security Software with anti-virus, anti-malware, intrusion detection and email scanning
  • System Cleaner for temp files and Registry scans [CCleaner]
  • Java Script/Ad Blocker for Web Browser [NoScript/Ghostery]

Folks, this one is bad news; if you have XP and don’t have a backup of your data files, it will ruin your day/week/month. In a situation like this, the only way to restore your files is to pay the ransom. If you have windows 7 or 8 then there is a small chance your PC has a backup of your files. The BEST way to fix this one is to avoid it altogether.

The first step is to scan and block bad emails BEFORE they get into your computer. Use SPAM-filtering on your email, especially if you don’t have Gmail. Webmail can be harder to protect if your email provider does not scan your email for malware.

The second is to block executable programs and ZIP files from running in your TemporaryInternetFiles folder [or Web cache files.] There is a manual process; I’ve done it and it is tedious and technical. There are also 2 web sites that have bundled all the commands into a neat little tool to protect your computer. For Networks and Servers, use this one. For workstations and home PC’s, use CryptoPrevent.

The third is to make sure you have your important data backed up online. DropBox, Google Drive, Mozy and Carbonite will all work, but for real data security CrazyDogBackup is the way to go.

Lastly, if this stuff makes you nervous, then just let me know, ‘cuz I am here to help.

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